Special Programs

Intergenerational Community Dinners
Senior Meal Club

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan partners with CK Catering to offer an inter-generational supper at 5 pm.  The meals vary, and are based on the meal served that day at senior centers in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties.


The supper is held at the United Methodist Church community room at 2 Sycamore Street. Three Oaks, MI. For more information call 269-925-0137.


Senior Meal Club is a collaboration between Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan and Full Circle Café & Espresso Bar 1239, 5729 St Joseph Ave, Stevensville, MI 49127. 


It offers seniors 60+ and their unpaid caregiver the opportunity to eat the café once a week and socialize over a good meal.

To participate, you must call us at 269-925-0137 to register.  We will ask for some information and you will be issued a voucher card that is good for a month for a maximum of 5 meals.  Voucher cards are issued at the end of every month and you must call us each month if you want to participate.  Each month's voucher card will be color coded and previous month's vouchers will not be accepted.

You will want to identify yourself as being a member of the Senior Meal Club before ordering and will be given a special menu.  Any substitutions or additions to the meal will be your responsibility to pay.

At the end of the meal, they will give you a bill for the server's tip and a $2 donation to Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan.  Please tip your server; they work hard to give you good service.

For more information please contact Renee' or Linda at 269-925-0137.

Gourmet Quick Bites
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Gourmet Quick Bites is one of Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan's newer programs. This program is designed to make delicious food available to active seniors at participating senior centers and community sites in Berrien and Van Buren counties.

Currently, Shadowland donates unserved leftover food and freezes it in two serving to go containers for us to distribute.  These meals usually contain a protein and a side dish that can be easily re-heated for a delicious meal.  Meals such as roasted pork loin with sweet potato mash, grilled chicken with roasted root vegetables and Southwest chicken bowl have been among the meals seniors have enjoyed.


The choices are up to each donor and will be based on the food that is left over from parties, etc.  Each week the choices and quantities may vary!

Meals are picked up by our driver weekly when available, and distributed to locations in Berrien and Van Buren counties. So instead of leftover food going into landfills, we are able to help ensure that our seniors do not go hungry.

A suggested donation of $3.00 a meal is requested.