Our Home-Delivered Meals

This program provides seniors 60+ and their spouse/partner/caregiver with a hot meal delivered directly to the home 5 days a week. A second meal, known as a supper sack, may also be available.  Liquid meals such as Ensure can be arranged with a doctor’s prescription.  Meals are also provided for holidays and shelf stable meals are sent out to be used in weather emergencies.  

In some areas, frozen meals may be delivered once a week.  These clients may use the Choice Frozen Meal option, choosing the meals they would like from a menu of 30 items.

What's on the menu for this month?

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Who's Eligible?

  • 60 years or older or their spouse/partner or handicapped dependent of the client

  • Homebound: not able to leave the house under normal circumstances to shop.  If the client is regularly not home when meals are delivered, he/she may be disqualified.

  • Unable to obtain food or prepared meals in other ways

  • Client must be able to safely feed him/herself and the meals must not negatively impact their health



Call our office at 269-925-0137. We will send a staff member to provide an initial in-home assessment, to determine if you are eligible under program guidelines.  Assessments will be done at six month intervals to track your progress and continued eligibility. Meals can generally start within a few days.

If someone is not eligible for our program, we encourage them to attend a senior center dining site or we refer them to other programs.

If someone goes into the hospital, moves to another place or into a facility, or has a doctor’s appointment and will not be home to receive the meal, they must call by 10 am the day before to cancel the meal.

How Are These Meals Funded

Part of the cost to make and deliver the meals are covered by state and federal funding, grants, United Way funds and other donations.  Your donation is important to the continuation of the program, so we ask that you give as generously as you can towards the cost of each meal.   We understand that not everyone can give, and we will not deny you meals if you make no donation, but please give to support this program that is helping you.

There are times when the requests for meals are greater than our funding, and at those times, we may have to start a waiting list.

Weather Closures

    When your local school district is closed due to weather, Senior Nutrition Services will not be delivering meals in your area. If our driver cannot make it down your road or into your driveway, the delivery will not be made. Our drivers need to be able to park safely and walk through minimal snow for deliveries to be made.

    In most areas, clients will get a call from the site manager letting you know that your meals will not be delivered that day. This is when you should use the emergency meal that was provided to you by Senior Nutrition or have an alternate source for food.

To inquire about our home-delivered meal service, call us at 269-925-0137 or 855-925-0137

Special Diets Available

•Vegetarian            •Diabetic


With a doctor’s prescription, Senior Nutrition Services may be able to provide liquid nutritional supplements.