Our Dining Sites

Most, but not all, of our congregate dining sites have re-opened.

To check to see if your local dining center is serving a midday meal, you can call us at (269) 925- 0137.

Masks are required at all our dining centers.

Meals on Wheels of Southwest Michigan/ Senior Nutrition Services, provides meals at senior centers and other community sites in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties. These meals are for active seniors who can drive or are able to use the centers’ buses or public transportation to attend the meals. MOST CENTERS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. TO FIND A SITE NEAR YOU, CLICK HERE.

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for home-delivered meals!


Who’s Eligible

Meals are for seniors 60+ and their spouses. People under 60 are welcome, but will be charged for their meal. On your first visit, we will ask you for some information that we need in order to continue to provide meals and to help you access other services that you might find helpful. All your information is kept strictly confidential.

Why Attend These Meals

The meals help seniors to eat nutritiously without having to cook, and help to reduce the isolation many seniors who live alone feel. Special holidays are celebrated and speakers are occasionally brought in to talk about nutrition topics. The meals help to put some fun and social activities into your life.

How Are These Meals Funded

You are an important part of how we are able to provide these meals at senior centers. A portion of the meal is covered by state and federal funding, but approximately 40% of each meal’s cost has to be raised. Your voluntary donation helps us to continue these meals. If you can’t make a donation, you may still eat.

Weather Closures

When your local school is closed due to inclement weather, our dining centers will also be closed. Pay attention to local media for news of weather-related school closures.

To join us at one of our dining facilities, call 269-925-0137 or 855-925-0137 (toll free line)