Our meals are prepared to fit into most diet plans. They are portion controlled to provide 1/3 of a senior’s RDI (required daily intake). No salt is added during cooking, they have no trans fats, and they average 800 calories a meal with 85 grams of carbohydrates. Menus are prepared by a registered dietitian and use in-season produce whenever possible.

Director's Note

Linda Strohl

MOWSWM Executive Director

Forgive my silence on the all-consuming subject of Covid 19. But, as you might imagine, we have been a bit busy.


Considered an essential service, I am proud to report that our homebound meal deliveries continue to go out as usual. Yes, as usual. Our intrepid and courageous staff and volunteers continue to deliver meals ( with precautions, masks, gloves and frequent sanitization measures), to check on home-bound seniors, and reassure them that there is this small act of pre-pandemic normalcy in the world.


Administrative staff is working in the office, with social distancing, sanitizing, gloves and masks when indicated. Our most recent challenge comes from an outreach effort the state did, that resulted in 120 referrals to us for home-delivered meals.This will bring the increase since mid March, to almost 200 new clients, a 66% increase over February. We are working hard to contact all these referrals and to figure out how we can deliver so many more meals.


We are also putting together emergency meal kits, since we know that our homebound seniors need more than our meals to stay healthy.  The emergency meal kits will have shelf stable meals and snacks.  Our goal is to put together 28 days of meals and we are close to half of that at the moment.  We are also working with Berrien Community Foundation to put together personal care kits, because our seniors can’t replace shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, etc.


What's Happening

A masked man
with a mission

  MOWSWM driver Mike Lewis is sporting a new

safety accessory, but

is still on the road, making sure meals get to our clients.

  We have some new rules, in the age of Covid-19. Drivers will bring meals to the door, rather than entering clients' homes.

  Even with changed circumstances, though, we will get the meals to those who need them, thanks to Mike and our intrepid deliverers, both staff and volunteer.

How can you help? 

  • Donate money through our website: snsmeals.org/HowtoHelp/Donate

  • Masks and latex gloves for drivers – size large and extra large.

  • Shelf-stable small servings containers of: soft breakfast bars, stews, hearty soups, tuna, canned chicken etc.  But nothing that requires cooking, only heating please.


We are not starting new volunteer drivers at this time because of the time needed to process and train.  But please put in your application for that at sns.meals.org/HowToHelp/Volunteer. 
We are looking for long-term committed volunteers, especially to drive. 

About Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan

Senior Nutrition Services (now Meals on Wheels of Southwestern Michigan) is an independent 501 (C) (3) which helps seniors remain in their homes by providing meals served at community sites, in restaurants, and delivered directly to clients' homes. Our goal is to nourish, support, and connect our seniors to services to help them remain living independently, safely and with dignity.  Services are available in Berrien, Van Buren, and Cass counties; the Cass Co. Council on Aging provides home-delivered meals in that area.


Support from the Berrien Community Foundation includes funding from the Stephen E. Upton Love Your Community Endowment 

Call us:          269-925-0137

or Toll-Free    855-925-0137

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