Our meals are prepared to fit into most diet plans. They are portion controlled to provide 1/3 of a senior’s RDI (required daily intake). No salt is added during cooking, they have no trans fats, and they average 800 calories a meal with 85 grams of carbohydrates. Menus are prepared by a registered dietitian and use in-season produce whenever possible.

Director's Note

Linda Strohl

MOWSWM Executive Director

I always seem to think of Geoffrey Chaucer in April.  

Chaucer, as some of you may remember from high school, was an English poet and writer who died in 1400. He is best known for his Canterbury Tales, a set of stories told by 29 pilgrims on their way to St. Thomas Becket's shrine in Canterbury. Telling stories was a way that travelers could pass the time, long, long before electronics, phones etc. etc. They are written in Olde English, which was really hard to understand unless someone read it aloud.  Memories of high school English classes that come back to me at odd times!


As I write this, the sun is out and it is 60 degrees- a delight for my puppy and me after the long dark winter. Much of my time is spent these days trying to wear out a 3 month old puppy and in the course of doing so, you can imagine I am worn out!


Not so worn out that we are not still in the midst of the jellybean sale. Unfortunately, Wakarusa's suppliers were really backed up and most of the jellybeans only arrived on March 24th! I am sure that we will still have some available in April, so don't hold back on your orders.


And not so worn out that we are not planning the re-opening of meals at our sites in senior centers and other community sites. We will be doing this over a few months. Some sites are more ready than others. And we had to hire two new site managers, so their training will have to be completed before their sites open. Check with the site manager at your local senior center for a hoped-for reopening date.  


Of course, if the Covid 19 cases spike, these plans may change. Remember that there will be many new policies and procedures at the meal sites, to keep you safe and comply with CDC, AASA, and health department guidelines.


April is a busy month! Easter, Ramadan and Passover (which ends on April 4th). Longer days and milder temperatures tempt people outside more! And of course, vaccination clinics.  I will get my 2nd dose in April and be grateful to get it. That doesn't mean that we will relax on mask wearing and social distancing, but we will be better protected.


Be well, be safe and be grateful for all we have!

What's Happening

MOWSWM delivers for
four-legged clients, too

 Martin's Stevensville Supermarket
Paws of Hope animal rescue group 
Meals on Wheels America
Van Buren County Animal Control 

Last August, we began the "Paws Need Food Too" program, to help support our clients with pets, enable them to shelter in place at home during the pandemic.

We've been able to serve 29 clients and 37 pets, delivering more than 2,570 pounds of dry dog food, 600 pounds of dry cat food, 364 cans of cat food and over 186 pounds of dog treats (to date).                                                  

That's Tom and Joan       Zonka at left, with a big    bag of food for their cats.

We-- and the clients and pets who benefit from "Paws Need Food Too"-- want to extend big thank-yous to the partners who have helped us deliver this extra dose of TLC:

Our friends at Lambrecht's Liquors in St. Joseph are making us an offer wine lovers will be happy not to refuse!

Go wine shopping at the Lambrecht's store on Niles Road and mention Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan, and you'll enjoy discounts:

Purchase 4-5 bottles of wine and receive a 10% discount. Purchase 6 or more bottles, and the discount rises to 15%.

Great give-back deal
to benefit MOWSWM

A portion of the money you spend will then come back to us, to support our mission of providing meals, wellness checks, and social calls for SW Michigan seniors.

This offer applies to almost all of the more than 1,000 wines Lambrecht's offers (only red-stickered bottles are exempt).

So stock up your wine cellar and help us do some good. Thanks to Lambrecht's for the support!

What we do:
beautifully explained

The good folks at Wisecracker Studios made the moving and informative film below, to describe what Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan is all about.If it makes you even more committed to support our mission, please do make a donation by clicking HERE.

About Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan

Senior Nutrition Services (now Meals on Wheels of Southwestern Michigan) is an independent 501 (C) (3) which helps seniors remain in their homes by providing meals served at community sites, in restaurants, and delivered directly to clients' homes. Our goal is to nourish, support, and connect our seniors to services to help them remain living independently, safely and with dignity.  Services are available in Berrien, Van Buren, and Cass counties; the Cass Co. Council on Aging provides home-delivered meals in that area.


Support from the Berrien Community Foundation includes funding from the Stephen E. Upton Love Your Community Endowment 

Call us:          269-925-0137

or Toll-Free    855-925-0137

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